Life Like Film

who is the Chilean girl behind the camera? 


My name is Paz, in Spanish means Peace. 

But you can call me Alice, I love that name because reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, and sometimes I feel like her in this wonderful and strange world. 

I studied journalism at the University of Chile and I have a degree in Professional Photography, that's is why I love to do photos at weddings because I can tell stories through images, every couple is different and I enjoy so much meet new love stories and connect with them in their special day.

I came to NZ in 2019 and I fall in love with this amazing country, its people and a handsome kiwi guy. 

I'm based in Auckland but I love to travel to different places and meet awesome people


About my photography style?... I don't like to be defined, I think we change all the time and everything depend on moments and people. Sometimes I can be "dark and moody", but also I can be "colorful and bright", I love golden sunsets but also I love blue or purple twilights. That's why I feel every day is a gift, every day is a chance to see something different and fall in love again! What Im looking for with photography is get TIMELESS images and candid moments that you can feel happy every time you look back into them. 


I have a high sense of aesthetics and fashion, so I care a lot about details in a photo, as composition, light and model direction. So, It's a plus when it's your first photo session and you're nervous because you don't know how to act in front of a camera, don't worry, I can help you. But I also like to capture moments, real laughs and emotions, I am a very open-minded person and I like to have fun, life is one! so I also dedicate myself to taking photos at festivals and parties with performances and art. You can click on Fashion and Festival to see more. 


I'm an artistic person who is passionate about creating and always give a message with my photos. I love books, dance, paint watercolours, play the guitar and watch movies, I can't see the world in another way like in a film. 


for me, our Life is like film