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Bridgewater Estate, Auckland New Zealand

Greenery and moody vibe wedding in between the Native Bush of New Zealand

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Sam and Irene // Glasshouse, Auckland New Zealand Sam + Irene 

Glasshouse, Auckland New Zealand

Classy and Timeless rainy day wedding in the city


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Kristina + Wikus // Papamoa, New Zealand Kristina + Wikus

Papamoa Beach, New Zealand



Kristina is from Canada and Wikus from South Africa, they met in Norway and decided to come and get married and live in NZ, 

Their wedding vision was Romantic and Fun, and their photos are a clear example of what they were looking for. 

They both look so deeply in love that make my job so easy, to be able to capture all that love and passion on this images. 

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Weddings on Film Camera Weddings on Film Camera

Selection of Weddings on a Film Camera 

Film Photos had another feeling, the grain and colours from a analog camera bring us back to nostalgic moments, without the intervention of any digital process more than the scans of the negatives to showcase in this platform. 

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Steven + Yulin // Mudbrick, Waiheke New Zealand ​​​​​Steven + Yulin 


Mudbrick Vineyard, Waiheke, New Zealand

Editorial, Timeless and Candid Style of Wedding in Mudbrick Vineyard. 

That's the vision that Yulin and Steven had about their big day and how they wanted to remember in every photo. 

Was a beautiful overcast day which give us those soft tones and in the evening the sky clear up for a romantic sunset light. 

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Michelle + Colin // Private House Rotorua, New Zealand Michelle + Colin

Rotorua, New Zealand 



Small intimate backyard wedding, Natural and soft tones. 

“Colin and I are both quite low key people, our ideal scenario it’s to have a photographer for a few hours that can capture the love and joy of the day and join in and have some fun”

That’s what Michelle told me when wet up, and they had their amazing intimate wedding in Rotorua on their friend’s house followed by a big celebration on their backyard with all the closest friends. 
It was indeed a small celebration, simple but beautiful. From the getting ready in the morning with the parents first look until cutting the cake at twilight hour. 


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Pierre + Macarena // Le Poire Sur Vie, France Pierre + Macarena

Le Poire Sur Vie, France

5 August 2023

Boho Style Wedding in a Private Villa in France.

Terracota and Burgundy were the tones along dry and fresh flowers with a beautiful ceremony full of meaningful traditions between Chilean and French families and friends. 

When Macarena and Pierre contacted me telling me if I can travel to France to be their wedding photographer I said "Fuck YEAH!" , I couldn't believe that they were happy to flight me over Europe from NZ for such important role. 

They met in NZ during their backpacking trip, in the most cinematic way. They were working in a kiwi farm, and when they hands touched while they were packing the kiwis they felt that magic connection straight away. 

After living in a campervan travelling around New Zealand were they love grows. Pierre decided to propose to Macarena with the views of the South Island in the background and she happily accept the proposal! 

Pierre message me secretly to ask me if I was happy to travel to Nelson for an engagement photoshoot and I travel down south to met them and I stayed with them for 3 days. 

We shared amazing meals togethers and hours of talking, and I knew that it would be a wonderful wedding because their love is so powerful!.

Macarena its an artist, dancer and actress, full of creativity and personality that brings the hype to the calm and kind Pierre who is always whiling to do anything for her. Both passionate about life and travel, food and art. Put up a whole event for their wedding day in France. 

Macarena was in charge of the designe and she created beautiful stands of flowers, arches, macrame backdrops for photos and Pierre and his family prepared the land on their farm for the Wedding, the tent, tables, dance floor and the best food that I ever tried! along the WINE AND CHEESE (omg DA BEST). 

The wedding dress was designe for Macarena and made by hand by Angelique, a French designer friend of Pierre and Macarena who also had the privilege to met.

They had a fire show!! and French traditions during the whole night so it was one of the best weddings Ive attended in this 8 years of working in weddings.

I was involve in the 4 day wedding celebration and was such a nice experience, to be able to share and met all the family and friends. 

I will always be so grateful for this wonderful couple who trust on me for capture everything on their wedding day. 

Love you guys! xx  



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Shay + Davie // Waterlilly Gardens (Film Photos) Shay + Davie

Film Photos 

Pentax K1000 , Fujifilm x400

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Michael + Olivia // Mantells Mt Eden, New Zealand Michael + Olivia


Mantells Mt Eden, New Zealand

Elegant, Timeless, Fun, Rainy day, Church and Italian Villa style Wedding! 

Mike and Olivia are lovely people that found each other in the right time. Both with beautiful and caring souls. 
Hearing their vows and speeches help me to understand all the love that surround them and how blessed are with their friends and families, I almost cry when I hear Mike playing a song that he wrote for Olivia during the reception time.
Even if it was a rainy day, nothing stop us to get this beautiful photos with the vintage film look style they were looking for. 
Always it’s such a pleasure meet wonderful people with love stories that inspire me to create and capture their love in the most genuine way. 

Venue @mantells_ 
Dress @trishpeng 
Bridemaids make up @makeupbysnl 
Bride makeup and Hair @stephaniemakeupnz 
Flowers @little.leaf.florals 
Shoes @mi_piaci

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Fuchsia + Mike // Private Farm, New Zealand Fuchsia + Mike

11 March, 2023

Private Farm, Auckland, New Zealand


Editorial, timeless, candid moments, New Zealand Farm : Fucshia and Mike Wedding.

 They travel all the way from Australia to get married here in New Zealand. 
When I hear about their love story that they met in Bali and travel the world together, I knew we will go well along 😎. 
They planned alll their wedding, from the private property out west, the dress, shoes, decoration, everything was just perfect 😍. 

Flowers @whererosmarygrow 

Shoes @loefflerrandall

Wedding planner @weddings_by_samantha

Bar @rubytuesdaycaravan

Marquee and furniture @willowlane_events


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Brea + Andre // Black Walnut, Tauranga, New Zealand Brea + Andre

25 February 2023 

Black Walnut Venue, Tauranga, New Zealand

Fun kiwi couple, laughs, candid moments, old cars, dry flowers, green and nature background this is how I can describe this wedding, 

Brea and Andre asked me to get as much natural and candid photos I can, they don’t wanted poses photos and they are those kind of couples that jokes and laughs are part of the 99% of their day hahaha. 
Their wedding was in the gorgeous venue @blackwalnutvenue in Tauranga.
I had so much fun and it was definitely a day full of laugh and emotion! 
Their bridal party brought all the good vibes along to the photos and the day 🙌🏼. 

Make up @lipstick_and_co_team 😎 
Dress @gownandaltar 
Suit @ydaustralia 
Bride shoes @baredfootwear 
Celebrant @radiowill SO FUNNY! Keep everyone laughing hahha 
Can you believe she and her mother in law made all the flowers and arrangements 😍❤️




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Audrey + Arthur // Tree Church Ohaupo, New Zealand Audrey + Arthur


Tree Church Garden, Ohaupo, New Zealand 

Have you ever seen a chapel like this one before? 😮
When I met Audrey and Arthur for first time in our initial meeting and they told me about their wedding in this stunning venue @treechurchandgardens I knew straight away their wedding will be a dream wedding.

Audrey it’s such a sweet and beautiful girl and Arthur the most gentle and romantic groom I ever met. They both make the perfect match and I couldn’t be more happy and honor to be their photographer.

When Audrey ask me for photos that look exactly like a movie I knew exactly what she meant and I was so happy for it because I just looooove be able to be creative.

Their wedding was perfect from the getting ready until the end, despite the rain we managed to get amazing photos.

Arthur is from France and all his best friends and family travel to New Zealand to be part of this wedding, they definitely brought with them the best French vibe and light up the party 🎉.

This couldn’t be possible either with this amazing vendors
Hair the one and only @jadeydruryhair 😎
Stunning dress from @astrabridal.northshore @maggiesotterodesigns
Groom suit @suitup_nz
Bride shoes @lumierebridalshoes
Groom shoes @conhpol
Flowers @luxedreameventhire
EPIC wedding cake @razzledazzlecakes_19


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James + Rebekah // Muriwai Estate , Auckland James + Rebekah 

11 February, 2023

Muriwai Estate, Auckland, New Zealand


Rebekah and James decide to do their wedding in this gorgeous luxury home in Muriwai Beach, 
A day before the big cyclone coming into Auckland, we were so lucky to have this cloudy moody forecast before the big storm! 
I just enjoyed so much be part of their wedding, everything was so chill and beautiful and they just go with the flow.
Beautiful ceremony in a epic Airbnb in Muriwai and everyone helping to make the best day 🙌🏼 


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Zai + Diego // Elopement Piha Beach, New Zealan Zai + Diego

9 February, 2023

Piha Beach, New Zealand 

Elopement vs Big Wedding : Why and when to have an elopement?

Elopement are really good for people that wants to get married without the pressure of a big wedding , when families and friend are overseas, or when you want to get married in a beautiful place. 

Elopements are intimate moments, we are able to capture moments in a beautiful way and manage better the times for get those beautiful photos you are looking for. 

 Zai and Diego contact me and told me they wanted to get married by themselves and their cute dog Lola, in a nice beach in Auckland because all their family are overseas.

So I created a special elopement package for them and I helped them with suggestion of places and times for get those amazing sunset photos they were looking for. 

Zai is from Mexico and Diego is from Italy and they met in Canada and travel together the world until came to NZ 8 years ago.
Their love go beyond any border and soon they will move again to start a new married life in Italy ❤️
They are a fun and joyful couple, full of happiness and passion.
They decided to elope in Piha Beach with their two best friends who were the witnesses and brought along all the Italian energy around ❤️.


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Kim + Jono // Central Auckland, New Zealand  

Kim + Jono

11 July , 2021

Cibo Parnell, Auckland


I felt so lucky to met Kim and Jono, and Im so surprise how things can change suddenly and still being amazing.
Their wedding was supposed to happen in January 2022 and was a beach wedding in Piha.
But they decided to move the wedding for July 2021 and was in town.
And I'm so glad they did the wedding in the city because it was a totally different plan and I fckn love it!!!


We did some getting ready photos in their house and then we went to Auckland Domain for a first look and some family photos. 

Then we head to @ciboparnell for the ceremony and reception and we did literally 5 min photos outside in the street and OMG Im obsessed with the style! 
Kim is such beautiful bride and so relax, she wear a denim jacket later on for the photos and looks so cool 😍
 Thanks to for that amazing bouquet, I love the colours and the flowers was just perfect for her style.
And one the best make up artist that I met @laurawilliamsonmakeup she is wonderful!!
Venue @ciboparnell 


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Caitlin + Sam // Markovina, Auckland New Zealand Caitlin + Sam

9 February, 2022

Markovina, Auckland New Zealand


Caitlin and Sam met almost 10 years ago 🤯 and when I first meet them (first Caitlin then Sam) immediately though OMG they are made one for each other 🤣.

Sam is from UK and Caitlin from NZ and everyone can notice they look just taken from a hollywood movie. Such a good looking couple aye? Hahah.
I went for a BBQ in their house and I had so much fun, lots of drinks, music and good vibe people.
When Caitlin message me asking me if I wanted to be her wedding photographer I just feel like was like a proposal and I was saying I DO! Hahah. I was sooooo happy, because I knew it will be a beautiful wedding full of fun and that's how it was.

Venue @markovina_vineyard_estate
Cars @decorumcars
hair stylist @messybun_nz
Mua @makeupbylaura.anne
Hair colouring + extensions @purestrandsnz @glamourhairboutiqueltd
Florals @honeysuckleflowers
Tiara @taniamarasbridal
Dress and veil @modesnewmarket + @pronovias



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Mackenzie + Michelle // Glasshouse, Auckland, New Zealand Michelle + Mackenzie 

12 March, 2022

Glasshouse, Auckland 


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Stephanie + Kadim // Milford Beach, Auckland New Zealand Stephanie + Kadim

4 February 2023

Milford Beach, Auckland

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Rochelle + Pat // Auckland, New Zealand Rochelle + Pat

4 December, 2022

Auckland, New Zealand 

  Rochelle loves Anne from Green Gables so she inspired her wedding from the book and omg was so dreamy!, they had a perfect day: sunny and warm, and all their guest were the closest friends and families.
I met Rochelle and Pat in the wedding of Kim and Jono (other really cool couple, how lucky I’m!), and we follow each other since before they got engaged so when I hear the news I was soooo happy for them ❤️.

They decided to celebrate in a private house in Coatsville, Auckland, and I knew from the start it will be an amazing wedding, from the beautiful gardens, the dress and that stunning sleeves, the furniture, flowers, drinks, food, people, eeeeverything! 

They wanted to keep their vows in private so they read it to each other after the ceremony and I was there from the distance capturing that beautiful moment.

I highly recommend the type of confetti they used in case you want to do a confetti exit after the ceremony, it was made from rice paper so is biodegradable and the best part flow in the air like nothing I've seen before, so the photos look perfect. 


Stunning dress from @heracouture 

Flowers 💐 from 

Furniture @twofoxesrentals 

Make up and hair by @madeupbyruth

Celebrant @westielee

Flower Ice Block


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Sahara + Caleb // Stoneridge, Queenstown Sahara + Caleb

19 December, 2022

Stoneridge Estate, Queenstown, New Zealand

I have no words to tell about these lovely couple.
I met them for an engagement photoshoot and I could tell straight away their love was genuine and unique.
I almost cry hearing Caleb’s speech describing how much he admire Sahara.
And the way she look at him it’s with the most pure love. I mean, you can tell that in the photos hehehe.
They had a totally dream wedding down in Queenstown in the most gorgeous venue @stoneridgeestate .

And I felt so blessed to be part of their wedding day and the day after sharing with all their family and friends. We even went for drinks to town and omg I felt like in family.
And I felt really lucky to said this about many other couples tha
make me part of their wedding days and the days after where I can see them in a daily life and the love it’s all around the place ❤️.

Amazing vendors as well as the stunning flowers from @bloomsbytheworkroom 🌺
Hair by @rachellegourley (she is wonderful she even took me to the venue in her car, absolutely legend 🙌)
Sahara did her own make up and how cool 😎


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Mitch + Madi // Rosenvale, Waikato Mitch + Madi

26 February 2022

Rosenvale, Te Awamutu, New Zealand

Mitch and Madi told me they were super nervous about the couple photoshoot because they are really shy and they feel a little bit uncomfortable in front of the camera, and when I met them my first reaction was like OMG you guys look exactly like models so honestly don't worry, is no way you will look bad in the photos haha. 

I start early in the morning taking photos of Mitch getting ready with his groomsmen and then I drive to Madi's getting ready, both sides were gorgeous, stunning and with a classy elegant style. She told me her mum pass away when she was young so I knew I need to pay attention to capture photos of her nana and her step mother who was there helping her with the dress as well. 

Ceremony couldn't be more perfect, full of emotions. I could see the tears coming from Mitch eyes when he saw Madi for first time in her wedding dress walking down the aisle. 

A full on bridal party make those photos so fun and beautiful, and then we just did the most gorgeous pictures in a little chapel and then we catch the sunset trhough the trees, right on time to come back to the most cool party!. 

Make up @_nataliejanemakeupartist_
Hair @jadeydruryhair
Flowers - Hillviewgardens
Dress - @dylinsbridal
Bridesmaid dresses
Suit @dorsetsuits

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Izzy + Luke // Boutique Barn, Puhoi New Zealand  Izzy + Luke

12 November, 2022

Boutique Barn, Puhoi, New Zealand 



When we had the meeting with Izzy and Luke we went for beers so we can know each other and talk about the wedding, I knew from the first moment they will have a beautiful wedding.
They been together since high school and they are that kind of couple that are the best friends ❤️
We were scared of the possible rain but they had the most wonderful weather!
The perfect place @boutiquebarn couldn’t be the better location for their wedding!.
@whererosemarygrows did such amazing job with the flowers! I never see an floral arch like that before in my life 🤯.
@celebrantfrankieorange definitely did an epic job telling their lovestory in the most beautiful and fun way 💕.
And the girls from @thepeach_club did the make up and hair that make Izzy and the girls look like models ❤️.
And the dress OMG !!! Couldn’t be more perfect!!! @natalierosebridal 



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Duncan and Jyoti // Taupo, New Zealand Duncan + Jyoti 

17 December, 2022

Taupo, New Zealand

Someone said it’s good luck if rain in your wedding day, and with this new crazy weather in New Zealand we can’t spect a hot sunny summer all the time.
But let me tell you something, rain weddings are full of romantic vibe and emotions around.
Rain bring people closer, involve us in a special atmosphere and we just need to embrace the water and the cloudy mood and make the most of it!

Like Duncan and Jyoti , they had they ceremony under the rain holding their umbrellas and smiles were printed in their faces during the entire day. I never seen something like that, they decide last minute did the ceremony outside despite the rain, until become too heavy right in the middle of the ceremony!, so everyone run and they friends managed to move the decoration and benches inside the venue. They keep going with the ceremony but then it clear again so they move everyone outside to have the big confetti exit and WAS THE BEST IDEA!

Their wedding was in Taupo in @omorilodge and was raining the whole day but they didn’t care, no one care about the rain and actually they absolutely love it! .
We get this amazing shoots in the top of the hill and I’m obsessed with this wedding 😍❤️.

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Kate + Simon // Mangawhai Heads, New Zealand Kate + Simon

26 March, 2022

Mangawhai Heads, New Zealand

I always said "everything happen for a reason" I'm a true believer and I try to be positive to changes. Someone told me: "maybe people said that because it's a way to feel better and try to find a reason". I don't think so. And Kate and Simon wedding remind me that over and over again...

Their initial plan was getting ready in Takapuna, Auckland. Both love beach and surf so they wanted that beach style wedding.
But covid make things hard for everyone and they postponed the wedding. They travel from Australia and they never had luck to find a MIQ spot and they try 2 times!
They decide to postpone the wedding and things work better than everyone was expecting!!
They change the place for Mangawhai, a really important place for them because they got engaged over there and now they get married in the exactly same place OMG sooo romantic, I just love all of that and I feel so happy for them 😍❤.
Always will be grateful for make me travel out of Auckland and enjoy such a beautiful wedding day in the beach.
Also I can't believe that I actually stay the night in Simon's parents house.
Everyone was so lovely people and that make photos look amazing!!!

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Giselle + Andres // Ritz Cartlon, Santiago de Chile Gisselle y Andrés 

30 November, 2018 

Hotel Ritz Cartlon - Santiago 




This was the first military wedding I had. The bride, Gisselle is from Ecuador and the groom, Andrés from Chile.

When I got to her getting ready at the hotel, she was very nervous like most brides, but I told her that everything would be fine, she had everything prepared very beautifully and you can see that in every detail.

One of the things that I value the most is that if they want beautiful photos of the couple's session, they have the disposition and the time for that to happen, and that's how it was with this wedding. Gisselle felt very comfortable being able to help guide her through the poses and places to have a nice memory.

When I arrived at the hotel reception I was fascinated with the decoration and the details, Gisselle and Andrés had many surprises for their guests, so much so that she changed her dress at the party for another one just as beautiful as the one at the ceremony.

When I went up to say goodbye, I congratulated them for so much concern for the couple and their guests, and she also thanked me for having guided and accompanied her during her very special day.




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